i hate being sick

being sick sucks! really who likes being sick none likes it. Its just dumb you feel like butt all day and your nose is all stuffed up and you cant breath and than you look like a creep because you got to breath out of your mouth. you have to blow your nose every five minutes dumb!!!


My new years resolution

my new years resolution for school is to be here on time, and have a fun time for my last semester of school. Also to work hard and do well in all my classes.

semester project

i am doing my semester project with Laura, Jordan and Whitney . We are making an advice page on facebook but we are going to have more than advice on there. Laura is doing the weather, Whitney is doing a horoscope and I’m am going to do news. We would have an page but we cant get on in school and we are waiting for jordan to make one.

Should convicted sex offenders’ names be made public?

I think that there names should be made public. People should know who the sex offenders are so they can keep there children away from them.¬† Everyone has a right to know if it would put there child in danger. Some sex offenders you wouldn’t even expect them. I think that letting people know would help keep there children safe. some people not think that its necessary but i believe it is, people have a right to know if it could effect them somehow. Even for the simplest¬† crime i think they still should because it could turn out to be something worse. People should have the right to know about what could harm there children, so i think that Sex offenders names should be made public.

Wordle magic

this is a picture thing i did on wordle with the words i use in all my blogs it’s like magic.

huge sinkhole

A huge sinkhole appeared in Schmalkalden, Germany on Monday. It swallowed a parked car and a garage door but there were no injuries.  it was a circular hole that was about 98 feet across and 65 feet deep. The sinkhole forced the evacuation of 25 people. Experts are pointing to natural causes for the hole, but they have yet to determine the exact cause.


i think that mark Zuckerberg is doing the exact opposite of what he created facebook for. He created facebook so everyone can be open, because he wants the world to be more open. He doesn’t want to share anything with the world but he expects everyone to share there stuff with him it makes no sense. i find it weird how he doesn’t go places and talk to people or let people know more about him.

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